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Are Xebra EVs zero-emission or not?

The newspaper Inside Bay Area regularly features alternative car technologies and culture (like this article on Elon Musk of Tesla or this one fuel taxes) and, with the paper situated in a place where the population is likely to embrace NEVs – which is the focus of the paper's new article on the popularity of the new Xebra and a fourth dealership opening up in the area.

The thing that struck me about this article, and the words appear in both the main text and the photo caption, is that the all-electric Xebra has "almost zero emissions." Really? What emissions does it have, exactly? The driver's breath? Heat? I understand that, most likely, the method used to generate the electricity created emissions, but that's different emissions from the vehicle itself. So what's Janis Mara (or her editor) trying to say here?

It's odd to see this kind of error in the paper's EV reporting. Perhaps this is just the writer trying to hedge her bets against charges of "long tailpipe" emissions. Or am I missing something? I emailed her to find out. Stay tuned.

[Source: Janis Mara / Inside Bay Area]

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