How Tesla Motors' $650,000 incentive package from Michigan breaks down

What will the State of Michigan get out of Tesla's new Michigan Technical Center in Rochester Hills? According to Governor Jennifer Granholm, the $47.7 million facility will create 76 new jobs. For these jobs, what did the state and other local governments need to give up? First, a state tax credit worth $602,000 over three years, along with a Rochester Hills city incentive package worth $14,500. The city package is made up of a job fair for the company, a three-year abatement of the company's personal property taxes and business advisory services through Oakland University. Lastly, the SE Michigan technology economy development organization Automation Alley offered Tesla Motors a two-year foundation membership worth $30,000.
These incentives helped persuade Tesla to come to Michigan instead of a possible site in South Carolina, according to the Governor's office. My guess is it'll be worth it to have Tesla in Michigan near so many automakers, especially when the post-WhiteStar sedan is released.

[Source: State of Michigan]

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