BMW introduces 1-Series 3-door Limited Sports Edition

The 1-Series is getting some major attention from BMW these days. Not only has the new 3-door just been unveiled for 2007, but it's also finally been announced that the 1-Series will cross the pond and be sold in the U.S. soon (as a coupe and convertible with the hot 3.0L twin-turbo inline-six initially, but no hatches). Today BMW heaped some more 1-Series love on the pile and revealed the 1-Series 3-door Limited Sports Edition. Our German sucks worse than our English, so it's tough to glean the details, but Carscoop claims it's basically like an M Sports package that upgrades the rims to 18-inchers, adds an M body kit, tighter suspension, and some more M accoutrement on the inside like seats and whatnot. It definitely adds some gloss to the polarizing design of the 1. Though only 2,000 units will be produced, the Limited Sports Edition package will be available across the 1-Series lineup adding €4,660 to the cost of the 118i and 118 D, €4,560 to the 120i and 120d, and €3,360 to the 130i.

[Source: BMW, Carscoop]

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