Future speculation on the Audi A1

Infomotori's commissioned designer has come out with several more images that elaborate on the speculation surrounding Audi's possible release of a premium B/C segment competitor. Such a vehicle will assuredly be dubbed the A1, slotting below the A3, and aimed squarely at other German luxury offerings, as well as the MINI Cooper.

Andrea Rosati takes several cues from Audi's Shooting Brake concept, but manages to utilize more of the lines from the recently released TT and R8. The corporate gaping maw front clip is present and accounted for, as are the seven-spoke wheels pulled straight from the RS4. From there however, the diversions become more apparent, with a much more upright stance that runs counter to Audi's current low slung offerings, as well as narrower headlamps that are pulled back at a more extreme angle to the outsides of the vehicle, starkly contrasting the lights currently employed by the TT.

Although we have normally dispatch most artist's renderings as pure speculation, there were a few trick elements that we'd like to see utilized on future Audis: namely, the angular central exhaust outlet and the Audi-logo-turned-third-brake-light.

Follow the "Read" link for all the renderings, a few pics of the Shooting Brake Concept and some speculation on possible powertrains.

[Source: Infomotori.co.uk]

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