Tuner Tuesdays: Autodelta remaps Alfa 3.2 V6

Few people would argue that the Alfa Romeo Brera, Spider and 159 aren't among the most beautiful cars gracing the road – few people with any taste, anyway. Unfortunately, while the legendary Italian marque has made a huge comeback in the styling department, reviews suggest the driving dynamics, in this range at least, leave a lot of room for improvement.

That's where Autodelta steps in. The British tuning house is the world's expert on Alfa Romeos, and they certainly weren't going to back down from the challenge of improving the performance of this most beautiful of Italian automobiles. Autodelta's latest innovation is a simple reprogramming of the 3.2-liter V6 engine's ECU that yields an extra fourteen horsepower and twenty-three lb.-ft. of torque, boosting the former up to 274 and the latter up to 260. That may not sound like much to those used to tuners strapping on turbos and intercoolers, but Autodelta squeezed out that extra power while improving both delivery and fuel economy. (If you're still looking for superchargers and spoilers, Autodelta's got plenty of that, too: check out the 348-hp Autodelta Brera J5 3.2, hitting the market in less than two weeks.)

Over on this side of the pond, we're anxiously awaiting Alfa Romeo's impending return to the US market. And when the infatuation with the Alfa's beauty wears off and the dynamic flaws begin to show, American buyers will have Autodelta to call.

The press release is posted after the jump.

[Source: Autodelta]


Autodelta offer Alfa Brera, Spider and 159 remap for increased power and torque

Autodelta are now pleased to be able to introduce a new engine remap programme for the Alfa Brera, Spider and 159 3.2 V6 Q4 versions, which delivers increased power and torque. Available power is increased by 14 bhp (to 274 bhp), while more importantly torque is increased by 23 lb.ft (32Nm). Acceleration times have also been improved as has optimum top speed. This new remap programme, thus delivers enhanced all-round improvements to these Alfa Romeo's dynamic capabilities; and it once again reaffirms Autodelta's position as the leading global aftermarket Alfa Romeo design and tuning house, able to offer owners practical, innovative and cost-effective solutions to improve the all-round dynamics of their sports cars.

As part of their ongoing Research & Development programme involving the new Alfa Romeo 3.2 V6 JTS engine, Autodelta engineers' have been studying the original factory engine control programming and have now re-programmed the ECU (electronic control unit). By making major changes to the electronically controlled continuous cam timing on both the inlet and exhaust camshafts, the car's throttle behaviour and overall power delivery have been vastly improved.

By implementing these improvements, significant power and torque gains have been made to the Alfa 159, Brera and Spider. Additionally by extensive fuelling and ignition timing programme changes, fuel consumption characteristics on the Autodelta development cars were improved by up to 5 percent during test scenarios.

Autodelta development cars in the UK, Germany and Greece were each tested individually, taking into account the specification of the local fuel used and driving environments, as well as considering local customers' requirements.

During extensive testing in Germany, it was found that customers were not in a position to reach the optimum top speed which is specified by the manufacturer, especially in 6th gear; 5th gear had to be used to deliver the inherent maximum power range as in 6th gear the cars which were tested could not rev to the maximum speed. With the significant increase in torque made available by the new Autodelta re-map programme, it is now possible to reach the manufacturer's maximum specified speed, even when using the overdrive 6th gear.

In Greece customers have requested a very sporty throttle response, and with the market's inconsistent fuel quality, owners of previous Alfa models had experienced pre-ignition issues, Autodelta's engineers had to additionally ensure the new Alfa Romeo 3.2 JTS engine would not suffer any of these symptoms.

Another area which Autodelta's engineering team wanted to additionally improve was the low rev limit delivered in 1st gear, which is set at 6,200rpm, to improve the 0-60 mph (0-100km/h) acceleration. This rev limit has now been raised to 6,800 rpm by the remap programme, and therefore the overall driving experience has been improved.

This new remap package demonstrates Autodelta's on-going commitment to new Alfa Romeo 159; and to the Brera, the most exciting new sports car to arrive on the market in the last few years. The new 348 bhp supercharged Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 is set to be commercialized within the next 14 days with the order book recently opening; initial upgrades are currently underway.

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