Uncivilized: Mugen's Road to Racing Civic Concept

So, there's really no forthcoming information about this car. It's red. It's got a tuner-rific body kit. It's called the "Road to Racing Concept" and that's about all Mugen will tell anyone. It looks a lot like last year's Dominator concept, but we have no idea if the Road to Racing Civic is sporting the supercharged KA20 underhood, like the Dominator. What exactly is meant by "road to racing" is also a mystery - it certainly doesn't look like a decontented homologation special. Do they mean that it's akin to the ACR Neon? We just don't know, and until somebody gives Mugen spokespeople a waterboarding, we'll have to be patient. It certainly looks like a snarly little thing.

[Source: Winding Road]

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