Norwegian Kewet Buddy electric vehicle's got good specs, clunky look

Even though some people at the G-Wiz Forums like the look, the Kewet Buddy wins many style points from me. It looks too much like a blunt doorstop. Still, the more NEVs, the better, right?

Here're the specs of the Kewet Buddy. It uses a 13 kW SepEx 72V DC motor and a Gear wheel transmission with differential rear-wheel drive and fully automatic electric gearshift system. The EVs top speed is 80-90 km/h (about 50-55 mph) and the standard version uses 8.4 kWh lead acid batteries. 10.5 kWh batteries are an option, as are 10-15 kWh li-ion batteries. The lead acids charge from zero to 100 percent in 6-8 hours and from 30 percent to full in three hours and give 50-100 km range (man, that's a wide spread, which Kewet says depends on road conditions, temperature and the driver). The li-ion batteries up the range to 100-150 km. The Buddy comes in left- and right-hand drive versions.

There's a lot more information at the Elbilnorge site, but it's not in a language I can read. Any Norwegian-capable AutoblogGreen readers out there want to poke through the site and see if there's something amazing I'm not getting? If so, fill us in.

[Source: Kewet, hat tip to Kert]

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