Detroit Auto Show: Giugiaro Mustang image gallery

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It's a delicate balance combining American muscle with Italian design. A handful of custom Italian coachbuilt Corvettes managed to marry the two with considerable panache in the late 50's, but most would agree that the Pininfarina-designed Cadillac Allante of the early 90's was a big step backwards. The most recent attempt carried off the combination with beautiful synergy when legendary automotive designer Giorgetto Giugiaro's Italdesign styling house reinterpreted the classic Ford Mustang in distinctive Italian style. The result was an Italian beauty to rival the best of them, yet faithful to the iconic Mustang shape. Scissor doors and Ford Racing-tuned American muscle under the hood.

When Giugiaro's mouthwatering creation bowed at the Los Angeles auto show several months ago, we called it "rolling automotive pornography". There's no big news here, but we had the pleasure of beholding the show car's beauty when it took the stage again in Detroit, and we were happy to snap a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

Click here or on any of the tantalizing images below to see our high-resolution image gallery of 21 pictures from the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. For some bonus fun, check Autoblog reader Eric's take on what the 2009 Mustang will look like when it adopts some cues from Giugiaro Concept.

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