Toyota to Honda: You can have midsize coupe market. We out (sorta)

The market for midsize coupes has always been a volatile segment. In a culture obsessing with The New, the hairdressers of the world are likely to trade up their two-door barges for something of the SUV or crossover variety.

Toyota Motor Sales exec, Jim Lentz, recognizes this trend and feels that the automaker's development dollars could be put to better use. So in an interview with Ward's Auto, Lentz alluded to the fact that the Solara will likely be dropped from Toyota's lineup in the near future.

That said, Honda's unveiling of its Accord Coupe concept in Detroit counters that claim, accompanied by Honda's own data that maintains there will be a 34-percent growth in the segment within the next four years. What does Honda know that Toyota doesn't? That's something we doubt will keep Toyota execs up at night.

[Source: Ward's Auto]

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