Classic prank: Preying on the naive auto owner

In high school my best friend and I convinced his sister that the sphincter valve on her car was broken and leaking blinker fluid all over the driveway. She freaked and offered us money to drive it up to their family mechanic and have it fixed. We took the money and blew it on Golden Tee.
We know, we know, it's a horrible prank, but it's such a classic. One of the blokes on our development team responsible for our new galleries and improved search functionality (zup, Celly!) tipped us off to this year-old recording of a radio show prank in which a poor, naive young lady gets it good from some morning show hosts. She believed and agreed to pay $2,400 for the pleasure of fixing her leaky headlights, switching her tires that were accidentally installed on the wrong sides, installing two transmissions that were missing from the vehicle and ruining her gas mileage, among a few other fictitious, high-priced repairs.

We're sure you all have some great stories to tell in which you duped some unsuspecting friend or family member into believing something hilariously false about his or her car. Feel free to share in the comments.

[Source: Scogginsnoggin]

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