High-tech, non-polluting gravity racers at Barrett-Jackson

The Barrett-Jackson auction going on this week in Arizona is best known for high-horsepower, gas-guzzling musclecars with absolutely no pollution controls. Today's vehicles probably emit one percent of the harmful emissions that pre-control vehicles spewed. On Sunday, however, there are 17 vehicles going on the auction block that are responsible for zero emissions; not even remote pollution, either.

Lots 1580 through 1588 are specially constructed gravity racers built by the world's leading design studios. The concepts reflect many different genres of auto racing, including Formula 1 and Bonneville while others look like a Pinewood Derby car on steroids.

Some of the automakers included in the auction include Pininfarina, Audi (my favorite that is shown), GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Volvo, Mazda, VW, Porsche and Bentley.

These are more than souped up Soapbox Derby cars. Exotic materials and body designs generated from high-tech CFD computer analysis are the norm. Some cars may have even been tested in the wind-tunnel.

The link takes you to a full list of Sunday's lot numbers. Scroll down to 1580 and enjoy the entire list.

[Source: Barrett-Jackson]

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