Holden putting the Commodore on a diet

Recently announced as the next Pontiac G8, Holden says that the Commodore model is in need of a diet.

According to Holden chairman and executive director Denny Mooney, the Commodore doesn't need to get any smaller and is sized appropriately for both the Australian and American markets. It could, however lose a few pounds, as the large-car segment leader in Australia has gained over 1000 lbs. since the original Commodore in 1978; nearly 220 of them added in the most recent generation alone. It has also gained in nearly every other dimension as well, adding 19cm in length, 18cm in width and 10cm in height. The current 3.6 liter V6 is also a huge increase in grunt over the 2.8 liter unit used in the first Commodore, producing a whopping 181% more power.

We hope that the current version of the Commodore comes to us here in the US as close to the current car as can be, maybe with some Lutz magic under the hood. The American car market could use an injection of some full-size fun again...how about an LS7 with a manual transmission option? Who says we can't deal with a little extra poundage?

[Source: drive.com.au]

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