Autorickshaw - people mover or race car? You decide.

I assume at least some of our readers are familiar with the Autorickshaw. They are a three-wheeled alternative means of transportation. If you don't know of them, here is a link to where you can buy one, even in the USA. Most of the vehicles are built in India, where they are in service as people-movers and taxi-cabs and personal transportation. They are closely linked with scooters, with which they share many assemblies. You drive the vehicles with bars just like a Vespas'. There is one wheel in front, two in back... they are not really known for their safety as they are rather top heavy and the one front wheel is a great pivot point. What they are known for is being durable and able to survive some of the toughest roads in the world. And now, they are known for racing. Well, not really known for it, but they ARE doing it. I hear that they get GREAT gas mileage! If it sounds like fun to you, check out the site. Perhaps you can race around on three wheels in India next year. I think it would make a great story to tell the grand-kids!


[Source: Indian Autorickshaw Challenge via 2 stroke buzz]

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