Ever wanted to race a 60-mpg Autorickshaw through southern India?

Not quite as green or as dramatic as Panamericana 2006, the Indian Autorickshaw Challenge is still an impressive little race. The organizers call it "an amazing race for the clinically insane". The challenge takes autorickshaw drivers along the southeastern coast of India in a weeklong, 1000 km race at the end of August. The little autorickshaws get, on average, 45 mpg city/60 mpg highway. The race route "will take you deep into the heart of Tamil Nadu. Once there, you'll travel through an incredible course of misty jungles, balmy coastlines, flooded streets, monsoon rains and overpowering Indian crowds," the race's official website boasts. If you're interested in participating, the cost, including the autorickshaw rental fee, is $1,265 US until July 1, and a second teammate can be added for $625 (prices increase after July 1).
[Source: Indian Autorickshaw Challenge]

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