Hear about the environmental group that opposes the recycling center expansion?

Recycling and environmental groups go hand in hand, right? Not always.
In Hartford, Connecticut, the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (the group in charge of most of the state's waste) is proposing to change how recycling works in the town, effectively merging the waste that now goes to two facilities so that it ends up in one larger facility that will increase the total amount of waste recycled by 350 tons. Seems hard to argue with, right? It's not like people these days are creating less waste – although we should – and we need to find ways to deal with it.

Mark Mitchell, the director for the Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice (based in Hartford), says that the problem is that recycling in Hartford itself will not be increased. All the extra facility capacity will be used by waste shipped into the city from other areas. And that shipping will take place on diesel trucks; and Mitchell calls diesel a highly pollutant fuel.

"We have no objections to modernizing the facility at all. There are about 400 to 600 trucks going through there a day. There would be about 50 more," Mitchell told the Hartford Advocate.

[Source: Hartford Advocate]

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