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Biodiesel provides hope to farmers, Willie Nelson on PBS' NOW

Haven't heard enough from Willie Nelson on the subject of biodiesel and BioWillie? The PBS program NOW broadcast an interview with the Red-Header Stranger and David Brancaccio this weekend, and if you missed it, you can watch the show online at
Brancaccio calls biodiesel and "idea that works," and NOW doesn't just sit with Willie and talk biofuel. The show interviews a farmer, visits Carl's Corner (ground zero for BioWillie), puts the biodiesel revival in perspective and visits a cottonseed oil mill.

"I believe in things small," Nelson tells Brancaccio, and explains that part of his interest in biodiesel is really just as an extension of the ideas that got FarmAid off the ground: helping American farmers and small business owners.

I like Willie, and what he's doing, and it's good to see him get the word out on PBS. But what I'm waiting for is the grand re-opening of Carl's Corner. It was rumored to be ready by the first of this year, but now might take place in May. We'll keep waitin'.

[Source: PBS]

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