M5 Wagon won't come Stateside

Click the image above for a full, hi-res gallery to quell your anger.

We can't really say that this is much of a surprise, but it's still disappointing nonetheless. Autoweek is reporting that the wagon variant of BMW's 507 HP, M5 sedan will not be coming to U.S. Bimmer dealers in the near or distant future. The boys of the spinning propeller have seen fit to deprive us, once again, of being able to haul our bird, our dog and a load from Home Depot at extra-legal speeds.

So we'll have to make due with an E63 Wagon, or accept a horsepower deficit and go with the S4 Avant. Bastards. Then again, we do get a manual version, so it can't be all bad, eh?

[Source: Autoweek]

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