Spy Shots: Volvo XC70

Volvo's adding some truckish cues to the XC70's exterior in celebration of its move to the EUCD platform. The shiny accents around the fog lamps, along the rockers, and in the rear fascia recall some ambulance conversions we've seen. The Tupperware theme of the current XC is carried over to the new wagon: we wish they'd stop. It looks okay when the car's new, but once a couple of years have passed the plastic looks chalky and takes on a mackerel pattern. The V70 wagon is handsome, the XC has always looked like its buck-toothed cousin; this trend continues. For 2008, Volvo's added a retainer-esque piece of shinyness to the chin spoiler, and the grille has grown significantly.
[Source: Teknikensvarld, in Swedish]

We'll have to wait until we see one in the flesh, most likely at the Geneva show, but it looks like the body to glass ratio has been tipped even further in the wrong direction. The rear quarter windows look extra-squeezed and the tops of the doors have risen. We're not fond of the "safety cocoon" convention that's chewing up our beloved visibility. Perhaps six-footers will be able to peer out comfortably, or maybe the power seats go up really high. All carping aside, the new design looks distinctly Volvo, and the XC70's styling additions make the car look tough and purposeful. Under all the butchification there's a nice looking Volvo wagon with a more rakish profile. We expect to see Volvo's low and high pressure turbo fives under the hood, and we're hoping that the new 3.2 liter six makes an appearance. The six is a very compact package and occupies roughly the same space underhood as the fives. The Haldex-sourced all wheel drive will return, we're sure. We're also sure that the towel-bar will be reprising its role in the interior. Oh, that's a grab handle? All this time, we'd been putting a nice little set of show towels out on it. Alabaster, with embroidered herrings in contrasting shades of blue and yellow.

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