Is this similar to the technology Chevy proposes to charge batteries without wires?

Granted, this is only mildly automotive in nature, but being that we wrote about wireless charging of small battery powered appliances, like the iPod, I thought I would post this link about a company that uses interesting technology to accomplish this feat.
Wildcharge uses their Wildcharger pad and Wildcharger adapter to charge batteries without wires. The pad is less than 0.1 inches thin, and can be placed on any flat surface. The adapter needs to be attached to the electronic device.

According to their site: "A device that is enabled with our technology can be placed anywhere and at any orientation on the WildChargerâ„¢ pad and it will receive instantaneous, uninterrupted power. Moreover, the WildCharge solution allows you to charge multiple devices with varying power needs--all at one time! Our solution is built safe for consumers, equipment, and data. The unique WildCharge technology does not interfere with the operation of electronic equipment, has no impact on reception quality, and emits no harmful radiation. Our solution is also efficient - power is delivered as if the devices were plugged directly into the wall. What's more, we do it at a cost manufacturers can afford to widely adopt and integrate - a cost that is competitive with standard charger costs."

Sounds cool, but will they make adapters that work with your electronic device?

[Source: Wildcharge]

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