CES 2007: Alpine's all-in-one swallows GPS whole

Alpine had more on its plate lately than just their RLS show car. Thankfully. No, they too have introduced their all-singing, all-dancing wonderunit for your car. But, unlike their competitors, the Alpine unit's portable GPS module goes inside instead of on top of the head unit.

Alpine's IVA-W205 has every electronic gadget you need in your dash, and at the push of a button, opens to reveal a slot for your Alpine Blackbird PBD-P200 GPS unit. Once the Blackbird is inserted into the head unit, the W205 not only gains GPS capability, but also the Blackbird's Bluetooth connectivity. Touching a button on the W205's screen closes the front.

The hideaway GPS garnered Alpine a CES Best of Innovators award this year. Expect to see the W205 on sale in May for $899, and the Blackbird seperately soon after for an as yet undetermined price.

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