Suzuki plans to introduce hybrids to Japan and North America ASAP

Kyodo News in Japan reports that Suzuki plans to introduce new hybrid models in their largest markets as soon as possible, Suzuki president Hiroshi Tsuda said on Friday. The article suggests that Suzuki will get their hybrid technology from General Motors, which owns part of Suzuki. This makes sense, as Suzuki shares platforms with the Chevy Equinox and its GM siblings from Saturn and Pontiac. GM is set to become a major player in hybrid vehicles, and is sharing their technology with DaimlerChrysler, BMW and others... now including Suzuki.
Suzuki is no stranger to fuel efficient vehicles, being the largest maker of minicars in Japan, which use engines which are no larger than 660ccs. Suzuki is one of the largest motorcycle makers in the world as well, which puts them in a good position to design and manufacture small but relatively powerful engines.

[Source: Japan Times]

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