Detroit Auto Show: Audi announces US plans for Q7 3.0L TDI

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We don't know when the Q7 V12 TDI might go on sale anywhere in the world, but Audi has stated that Americans can expect to see the Q7 with a 233 HP V6 turbodiesel sometime in mid-2008, with "other models" following afterwards.

The vehicle will be legal for sale in all 50 states due to its use of Bluetec emissions control technology, and specifically the selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system that employs AdBlue urea to control oxides of nitrogen. There are no solid numbers yet on fuel economy, but Audi claims a 20-25% improvement over standard gasoline engines. The automaker also claims that such an engine will perhaps not be as affected by the newly revised EPA fuel economy test procedure.

No word yet on pricing, and with all the factors potentially at play, we're not willing to even wager a guess at this point.

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