Redline plays Fast and Furious with exotics

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Fear Nothing. Risk Everything. So goes the tagline for Redline, the movie that has been described as The Fast and The Furious for adults exotics. Producer Daniel Sadek is a former real estate investor with a pretty nice personal collection of supercars and exotics. We saw some of them on display at the recent L.A. Auto Show.

Sadek not only put up $26 million of his own money to finance the film, but also used his personal car collection in action sequences, including a crash sequence that claimed the life of one of his very nice Porsche Carrera GTs. While this type of senseless destruction makes us want to take all of his keys away, we understand Mr. Sadek will probably explain it was necessary for the film's authenticity.

Shot in Las Vegas and L.A., the movie revolves around high-stakes underground street racing. We recognized the Ferrari dealership at The Wynn and the old El Toro airbase from the video. Although the acting looks typically passable, the cars alone make this a must see. We've spotted a Ferrari Enzo, Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, Koenigsegg CCR, Ford GT, Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster and Mercedes SLR McLaren, among others.

Redline is set for a February 23rd release and stars Eddie Griffin, Nathan Phillips, and the oh-so-hot Nadia Bjorlin. As is the norm nowadays, the movie has its own MySpace page where you can find out its likes and dislikes as well as seeing a few additional images and clips.

There's a small gallery of some of the film cars available by clicking on the image above and one of the film trailers is after the jump.

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