Cross-Dresser: Miata fronts as Z3 on eBay

When does a 1995 Mazda Miata cease being a Miata? We're not sure it ever truly does, but the owner of this particular example put in a Herculean effort to try and make it happen. No folks, your eyes do not deceive you: despite all the Bimmer-look trickery, the car you see here is a '95 Miata with 85,000 miles on the odometer, and if you want it, it's just a click away at eBay.

Sporting an engine and tranny that reportedly have under 40,000 miles on them, the pseudo-Z3 is painted Atlanta Blue and actually sports authentic BMW lights (front and rear), grilles and badging. The winner will also get an assortment of other accessories, including a set of underdrive pulleys, thrown in on the deal. Click the image above to view the auction, where the seller has several more photos loaded.

[Source: eBay via Carscoop]

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