Two Rolls Royce Phantoms, multiple SUVs but only one SMART car. The problems when the wealthy divorce

You wouldn't think the Blixseths would ever appear on AutoblogGreen. These are rich folk who travel around in private jets and Rolls Royce Phantoms, and then make money off of their Yellowstone Club, a party place for the ultra-rich to enjoy nature. The audacity of hypocrisy, don't you think?
But, when the couple split recently, they did it without lawyers, and each got to claim what was most valuable to them. In this way, the two of them avoided paying a lawyer and got to keep more of their money. While both Tim and Edra kept an absurd amount of non-green items (each has a Phantom and multiple SUVs), Tim did put his foot down to keep the couple's SMART car. The Blixseths surely don't have the greenest lifestyles in the world, but at least Tim will now sometimes drive around with a little eco-sense.

[Source: Wall Street Journal via ecorazzi]

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