Cleantechblog's Alternative Energy 2006 year in review

This is the time of the year when many make their new years resolutions, and think back on the year that just was. Neal Dikeman did just that at cleantechblog, and I have copied his list of eleven things he will remember regarding clean energy here for you to contemplate.
  1. A new political landscape
  2. An Inconvenient Truth
  3. Thomas Friedman
  4. The Stern Report
  5. Whither hydrogen?
  6. What happened to efficiency?
  7. 25 by '25
  8. 20% from wind by 2030
  9. Sizzling solar
  10. Biofuel boom
  11. Oil Addiction

By clicking on the link above or below, you can see his explanations as to why he remembers these items over others. Care to add any of your own?

[Source: Neal Dikeman / cleantechblog via alphaseeker via]

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