Jaguar "customized" With 14,000 Post-It Notes

Scott Ableman says the folks at InPhonic get along great and love playing practical jokes on each other. He says one of his co-workers is "fanatical about his car," going so far as to park it in the "most remote corner of the garage." So, naturally, Scott and his office buddies just had to stick 14,000 Post-It-Notes on the XJ S-Type.

Take note, if you want to pull off a sticky job like this yourself, get several friends to help, raid the office supply room, and plan for it to take a couple of hours.

Scott says the owner of the car took the joke very well and was even able to drive home with most of the blocks on the car for his kids to see. And all you Jaguar fans shouldn't worry. Scott says no cats were harmed in the making of this practical joke.

I wonder, though, if in the ever-escalating InPhonic practical joke war, the Jag owner will come back next week and Wite-Out Scott's Porsche. Or color a co-worker's white Eos with pink highlighters. Scott, keep us updated. We definitely want to know what happens next in the InPhonic garage. Anyone there drive an Enzo, by any chance?

Many more photos after the jump, and even more at Scott's Flickr page.

Thanks to faithful reader, Spluch for the tip!

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