Infozine question from reader: Is hydrogen safe for automobiles?

I thought this may be an interesting topic for our readers to discuss, so feel free to speak out in the comments. A reader of infozine online recently asked about hydrogen safety. I know this is debatable, as anyone who reads comments on this site would agree. The answer from the site is, as they often are, yes and no... or maybe.
It is brought out that the Hindenburg was filled with hydrogen, and it exploded; but may not have been the cause of the disaster. The question is not whether hydrogen is flammable (of course it is, but less so than gasoline), but can it be contained properly. In the case of the Hindenburg, it was encased in flimsy, lightweight, highly flammable cloth with flammable weatherproofing -- obviously less than ideal. In that case, a simple static spark ignited the aircraft.

Todays hydrogen fuel cells create hydrogen contained in high pressures inside strong, leak-proof containers. Indeed, hydrogen is already in use as fuel under certain circumstances. With hydrogen fuel cell cars on the road already today for testing, we shall soon see if the dangers of hydrogen storage incite manufacturers to quit producing them. Please, comment away and let us know what you think.

[Source: Infozine]

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