Hamilton, Ontario looks at banning new drive-through windows

Drive through windows are undoubtedly one of the great convenience features that have proliferated in recent decades. When I was growing up in Hamilton, Ontario, (hometown to cultural luminaries Dave Thomas, Eugene Levy and Martin Short and home of the very first Tim Horton donut shop) they were still relatively uncommon, being mostly limited to a few McDonalds. But now when I go back there to visit my parents, I see them everywhere, adorning everything from Tim Horton's Donut shops to banks and pharmacies. While convenient, if you hit one of these during a busy period, you can spend quite a bit of time sitting idling, and unless you are driving a hybrid that shuts down when stationary, this dumps a lot of unnecessary pollution into the air and wastes a lot of gas.

A citizens group called Environment Hamilton is now pushing Mayor Fred Eisenberger and the city council for a moratorium on new drive-through windows, as part of a 10 point climate change action plan. While undoubtedly a great idea, this will surely get a lot of push back from businesses. When I was young in Hamilton, the air quality was pretty bad due to the presence of steel mills in town. These days it's definitely a lot cleaner than it was largely due to the shrinkage of that industry, hopefully Hamilton will get a lot greener if these proposals go through.

[Source: Dundas Star News via Jalopnik]

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