That Mac Mini installed in a Prius still getting attention

The Internet is getting way too cool, as someone on Metafilter wrote sometime in the distant past. But it's also a strange beast, and you can never really predict what's going to grab people's attention when. To illustrate, here is one item from Digg's front page today: a Mac Mini installed in the dash of a Prius (with a working touch screen, apparently). While the Diggers are going ga-ga over this photo (it is awful cool), if you click through to the original post, you can see it's almost six months old. Now, it's still fresh for the hipsters and all, but what prompted the Digg run yesterday? Who knows. But that not knowing keeps us going, right? Now, who wants to Digg an AutoblogGreen story?

[Source: One Digital Life via Digg]

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