TerraPass re-names CO2 emission stickers

Are you an around towner or a road tripper? Or perhaps you are a cross towner or an out of towner. TerraPass, the carbon offset program, would like to fit you into one of these four new categories for their alternative energy investment sticker program. Actually, the categories aren't new, just the names. With hybrid SUVs on the market, TerraPass' previous categories – Hybrid, Efficient, Standard, and Utility – didn't really match the reality on the road. Plus, a Mini Cooper was considered a Utility under the old system. This says as much about the poor mileage on the Mini as it does about classifying vehicles on types, rather than emissions.
TerraPass blogger Adam blames the imperfect old categories on the fact that the initial TerraPass system was hashed out in only six weeks, and the quickly-thought-up names were supposed to be reworked somewhere down the line. This never happened, until now. Here are the new names and the amount of emissions they offset. Prices for the annual stickers are the same as before.
  • TerraPass Around Towner: 6,000 lbs CO2, $29.95 (ex-Hybrid)
  • TerraPass Cross Towner: 8,000 lbs CO2, $39.95 (ex-Efficient)
  • TerraPass Out of Towner: 12,000 lbs CO2, $49.95 (ex-Standard)
  • TerraPass Road Tripper: 20,000 lbs CO2, $79.95 (ex-Utility)
[Source: TerraPass]

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