RS4 drop top ain't coming Stateside

Hear that? It's not the sound of a 420-hp German V8 pushing wind through our hair. No, it sounds a lot, ok, exactly like, us sobbing. There will be no U.S.-spec RS4 Cabrio. At least that's the rumor the Audi fanboys (and we do mean that in a good way) over at Fourtitude are reporting.

They speculate that because of unfriendly exchange rates, Audi could be keeping its hot little droptop off our shores. It's a real shame that international monetary policy can so easily rid us of the joy we would have felt watching rear passengers try to hold their personal belongings as our right foot quickly buried that aluminum pedal deeper into the carpet.

Fourtitude adds, though, that Audi could, of course, change direction and begin shipping the new RS4 this way. Anyone know anything about manipulating currency markets?

[Source: Fourtitude via German Car Blog]

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