Why is GMC branding ten-speeds?

Looks like GMC has gotten into the bike game. Jeep did pretty well with their mountain bikes. And Ferrari, Porsche, Spyker, Cadillac and BMW have all done the road bike thing as well. Now we find GMC doing...both. Perhaps wanting to emphasize their off-road ruggedness with a smooth on-road ride, the 7 GMC bicycles from Kent (the manufacturer of the Cadillac bikes) cover both mountain and street. Buyers so inclined can choose from the Topkick, Denali, Yukon, Yukon XL and Envoy. Prices range from the $180 everyday Denalis through the $400 Yukon XL race bike. Knowing GMC as a truck-only company, the race bike seems a bit odd, to say the least.

The dual suspension Topkick is what we would consider to be the most GMC-like model. The description says it lives up to the GMC name because it is rugged, good looking, and built for the long haul. There's even a pair of Denali bikes for the tykes priced the same as the adult versions. If any of these sound appealing to you, we have some good news: Amazon has a few of them on sale and is offering free shipping.

[Source: Kent Bicycles via GM Inside News]

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