Coal to liquid is a possibly hot new alternative fuel investment

SeekingAlpha investment advisor Charles Morand is maybe, possibly thinking about betting on synfuels, specifically coal-to-liquid (CTL) synfuels made by Headwaters, Syntroleum Corp, Sasol and Rentec. He has a rundown of each company on this page. While the headline reads "Four Stocks to Watch," implying these are good investment opportunities, Morand's write-up makes CTL investment seem like a losing proposition, at least right now.
Morand thinks that CTL could one day be a rising star in the stock market thanks to a plentiful supply of coal, price effectiveness compared to rising crude oil prices, CTL's cleaner burn compared to conventional fuels (but he does acknowledge that making coal synfuel is a dirty, dirty process), and political and military support for CTL. Anyone out there willing to take the risk for CTL? Not me.

[Source: Charles Morand / SeekingAlpha]

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