Video of Lincoln MKR Concept joins embargoed material on the web

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This past week has been absolutely crazy with all the embargoes that have been broken. The result has been a flood of concepts meant to be kept secret until their debut in Detroit being introduced to the public way ahead of schedule. The one that's caused the biggest stir so far is the Lincoln MKR Concept, which appears on the cover of Car and Driver's February issue. That issue somehow found its way into the hands of subscribers and on newsstand shelves last Friday, 12/22/06, a full ten days before 1/1/07 when Ford's embargo on the concept was to be lifted.

Now that C&D has broken the embargo, every website across this great internet of ours is releasing all the info it has on the Lincoln MKR Concept. The heavyweight trade journal Automotive News has just posted what it's got, which includes a video that was taken at the Showroom of the Future event a few weeks ago. The video, which requires Windows Media Player, shows you what we saw in person that day, which is a dynamic concept for a brand that's been as boring as can be for years.

The MKR is a rear-wheel drive sedan based on the Mustang's platform that features a twin-turbo V6 generating 415 horsepower on E85 ethanol. The double-wing grille, retro Lincoln taillights and tall beltlines are all going to be part of future Lincoln designs, so study this concept well if you want to know what the Lincoln brand has in store for us.

Click here to watch the video (Warning: should automatically open Windows Media Player) or click the Read link to wind up at the link on Automotive News.

[Source: Automotive News]

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