Ford previews Showroom of the Future for press (that's us)

We've just come from Cobo Arena where Ford Motor Company spent the morning previewing its Showroom of the Future to the automotive press, much in the same way its employees were given a sneak peek a few weeks ago. And, as the title indicates, "automotive press" included us this time around. After being treated to lengthy soliloquies by President of the Americas Mark Fields, Group VP of Product Development Derrick Kuzak, and Director of North American Design Peter Horbury, we were treated to the sight of a number of models that may or may not be part of future Ford, Lincoln and Mercury lineups. See, we signed one of those confidentiality agreements that prohibits us from imparting to you the sights and sounds of these future Ford products, so we can neither tell you what we saw or what we think of it all. Bummer, huh? We agree.
Gag order notwithstanding, Ford held this event to convert those in the automotive press who don't believe Ford has enough good product in the pipeline to turn itself around. Perhaps the company believes after seeing its Showroom of the Future we'd all jump on the Blue Oval bandwagon and herald the automaker's impending return to profitability. We'll see about that, but for now all we have to say is no comment.

If you'd like some more guarded descriptions of this morning's event, visit Winding Road and Jalopnik. We sat next to them in Cobo Arena, took the same notes, drew the same sketches, and are now sitting in a Starbucks with them trying to figure out what we can and can't tell you.

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