Aussies developed BMW with a bed

Why not? In Australia, Ford sells the F6 Tornado, Pursuit and Super Pursuit under the Ford Performance Vehicle (FPV) banner, hauling ass as well as anything else. BMW doesn't offer anything even close, so what is a Bimmer enthusiast to do when he has to stop at The Home Depot for garden supplies? Certainly not put them in the X5!

There is always someone out there who solves problems such as this before they actually become an issue. In this case, a bloke named POWERCHIP from the M5Board has taken a BMW E39 M5 and is converting it into what he calls the M5 UTE. It seems that after talking to Shane from Southern Rod and Custom in New South Wales Australia it looked like his dream car might just come true.

The yearlong transformation of this great sedan into the M5 UTE is truly amazing. Every inch of the vehicle is being properly engineered to drive just like the M5 from which it spawned. Click here to check out the 200+ photo album that details the build every step of the way.

[Source: Jalopnik via M5Board]

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