Toyota will not call its new Tundra a 2008 model, although the company certainly could take advantage of such marketing juice if it wanted. But with the tougher EPA mileage standards kicking in for that model year, the Tundra would have to be compared to Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC and Nissan fullsize trucks under the current system that is much more liberal. Basically the Tundra would have to report numbers 8 to 12 percent lower than a rating under 2007 standards. Toyota won't release the final fuel economy numbers until early January. This move is not a change in policy. Toyota has said from the beginning its next-generation fullsize truck would start out as a 2007 model. Production has already begun at a new plant in San Antonio, Texas but the vehicle won't hit dealers until February.

[Source: Sean M. Wood / San Antonio Express-News]

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