Fixer Upper: Maybach 62 for only $159,000

What's worse? Wrecking an Enzo, of which we have documented several in the last few months, or a Maybach 62? Most certainly the Enzo, but either incident is guaranteed to put a serious ding in your savings account and garner mixed reactions from your insurance agent.

Check out the price for this jewel, discovered at a NJ salvage yard for a mere $159,000, complete with a salvage title. If you have the mad skills required to repair the Maybach and can get into your dad's awesome set of tools, you could buy the 62 and repair it to for nights out with your friends at the drive-in and have enough left over to buy a low-mileage F360 Spyder for yourself.

One thing we did find odd is that the airbags did not deploy. Good for the person who ends up buying the car to repair, but potentially bad for the previous driver and passenger. Maybe the impact wasn't as bad as it looks?

Check out more pic's after the jump.

Thanks to Shoaib for the tip!

[Source: Elite Motor Cars]

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