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Ford and Microsoft teaming up to offer Blue&Me in-car computing in 2007

Thanks to sister site Engadget, we've learned about a new collaboration between Ford and Microsoft that will put a personal computer in your car. Expected to debut as early as next year on some Ford vehicles and be shown both at CES and NAIAS in January, the system is known as Blue&Me, although the name could change when it reaches our shores. Similar to the project with FIAT, it will support cross-platform Bluetooth smartphones and hopefully some of other neat features found on the FIAT system.
As Engadget tells us, the Windows Automotive technology allows drivers to access their phones through the car's stereo, to use voice commands and steering wheel-mounted controls to control the audio, and to read text messages via the car's computer. A USB port in the glove compartment will also allow audio expansion using any compatible device. Down the road (ha ha) the system will include GPS control and weather and traffic-monitoring systems as well.

[Source: Engadget]

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