VIDEO: Hartge V10 3-Series

BMW's V10 is lauded as one of the best engines in production. Based on know-how garnered building V10 engines for Williams F1 and then for its own Sauber team, the Bimmer V10 has blessed the M5 and M6 with supercar-level performance (if you can make sense of the electronics). In the V10, veteran BMW tuner Herbert Hartge saw the opportunity to apply the age-old formula for go-fast by shoehorning the big motor into a smaller package. The result, as we brought you last week, is the H50, a 3-Series with V10 power.

This 2:40 video gives you a good idea what the M-tuned, Hartge-massaged cylinders can do in a compact package. The narration's in German, but that's alright..."fast" is an international language.

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[Source: Car Scoop]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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