Mom, Apple Pie and SMART: Americanizing Germany's teeny, tiny import

Here's a concept of an Americanized new SMART lineup courtesy of designer, Mark Stehrenberger. Mark is with MSD, a Santa Barbara-based design research and development group. The folks at Auto Motor und Sport asked MSD to ponder the question of what would make SMART more palatable in the States. Stehrenberger responded with sketches of bigger versions of the already enlarged fortwo.
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[Source: Auto Motor und Sport via CarScoop]

Growing from under 9 to slightly more than 12 feet was the first step. And then the fun begins. Mark suggests that not only should these US SMARTs grow, but the lineup should as well. He proposes a 4 X 4 CUV variant, as well as a modern day Brat-like pickup. No rear-facing bed mounted seats in this one, but a similar stance and attitude. We were just talking about the sacrifices involved with SMART ownership with a local early adopter and grocery space is complaint number one. Power is a close second, but with a Noble M12 in his garage, he has options. All we can say is that we like the look of these sketches and hope DaimlerChrysler is smart enough (ha ha ha) to bring them to market. Click through the Read link for full size sketches of both models as well as the ForTwo and FourFour designs.

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