Ford outright denies four-door Mustang rumors, announces Interceptor Concept

Well, that went by quickly.
In a statement released today, Ford sumararily denies that they are developing four-door or wagon variants of the iconic Mustang 2+2. In their press release (posted after the jump), Ford says that it will stay true to the Mustang's heritage and has no plans to expand the Mustang lineup, here or abroad.

The rumor mill began on Wednesday when both Autocar and AutoWeek claimed to have an inside source that confirmed that the Mustang brand would be broadened, likely using the underpinnings from Ford's Australian arm. Earlier today, Ford Australia denied such a connection.

Ford did confirm that a "four-door, rear-wheel-drive concept car" called "The Interceptor" would debut at this year's Detroit auto show in January. That particular concept is based off the Mustang's platform, but will not carry the 'Stang's styling cues and there are no plans for production.

Read the complete statement by Ford after the jump.

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UPDATE: A representative from Ford tried to contact us this afternoon to fill us in on what was happening surrounding this rumor. Unfortunately, an ill-timed smoke break meant we missed his call, but his voicemail message indicated to us that Ford had begun hearing from enthusiasts in the Mustang community about what a terrible idea it would be to expand the Mustang lineup. Ford began feeling the heat and was even being criticized for entertaining the idea, when in reality Ford claims the Autoweek story is completely untrue. Rather than being beat up for an idea that it never had, Ford wanted to make it clear that it was never considering doing this, and that the story in Autoweek is false.


DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 15 – Ford Motor Company today made clear that recent media speculation concerning an expanded Mustang line – including a sedan and wagon model to be sold in global markets – is not true. Mustang is an icon and will continue in its current form: a unique, two-door, rear-wheel drive, 2+2 performance car.

At the 2007 North American International Auto Show, Ford will unveil a four-door, rear-wheel-drive concept car. The concept, known as "The Interceptor", is based on the Mustang's rear-wheel-drive architecture but it is not a Mustang and no production plans have been announced. Additional information on the Ford rear-drive concept will be available December 31, 2006.

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