Ford Australia denies Mustang platform development

Wednesday, Autoweek and other online publications made the assertion that when Ford debuts its supposed Mustang sedan and wagon variants in Detroit, that the underpinnings would be based off of developing or developed Aussie-sourced platforms. According to, these assumptions are false.
Autoweek made it a point to identify Ford's Australian arm would be tapped to develop a global platform to make up all the necessary components to underpin the concepts, citing an inside source at FoMoCo in their December 18th issue. According to Ford Australia spokeswoman, Sinead McAlary, she said that the down under manufacturer hasn't "been asked" to design any part of the new Mustang. Adding that Ford has no intentions of selling the Mustang in Australia.

As for the rumored Mustang-based Lincoln four-door that is expected at the NAIAS, she confirmed that it would utilize the current Mustang's platform and not the underpinnings of anything in Ford Australia's stable.

[Sources: Autoweek, and Autocar]

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