Pick up an Online Hitchhiker with Ridester

Most of us probably agree with my fellow blogger Sam that traffic in congested areas is bad, and it's not getting any better. Again, we also know that mass transit is indeed one of the best ways to combat the growing problem. However, that is not an option in many cities, where mass transit options are very limited.

One way to help with traffic congestion is to carpool. Carpooling works great when you have a defined trip that you take regularly, and know some other people who take the same trip. But, what if you are taking a special trip? Enter Ridester, a site that allows you to offer or look for other drivers who are making a similar trip. The site also has provisions for handling money and communicating with prospective fellow travelers via email or text based messaging. You can also view feedback from past travelers.

Benefits to carpooling are rather obvious, such as reducing the number of vehicles on the road, cutting down on the pollution of those same cars, and saving some money in the process by dividing the cost of the trip by the number of riders. Just be safe in choosing partners, and enjoy the fact that you are making an effort to help.

[Source: lifehacker.com]

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