Michigan's first biodiesel plant set for Bangor

The cover of today's Kalamazoo Gazette is dominated by a story on Michigan's first large-scale biodiesel plant, which will be opened in Bangor later this year and produce 10 million gallons a year. The article contains a lot of the same pro-alternative memes as recent articles we've pointed to recently – energy independence through biofuels, farmers produce and use the fuels, and the national production of biodiesel and, of course, ethanol will grow dramatically in the next few years. One statistic I've not seen elsewhere is that domestic biodiesel production nationwide by the end of the year could be 1.1 billion gallons. 
The Bangor plant will be the 12th-largest in America, according to the article and will employ about 26 people. One of the sweet possibilities is that the Bangor plant will be a "zero-producer of industrial waste" as the production process is refined over the coming months and years, and the article also spend some time talking about the way the plant may use the expected 1.2 million gallons of glycerin it will produce each year in cosmetics and other products.

[Source: Kalamazoo Gazette]

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