Descriptions of what the Alt Car Expo was like are good and all, but I know that pictures can tell stories my writing cannot. Like the bus driver who tried to drive on teh sidewalk. That didn't go so well.

Without further ado, here are some of the sights from the Santa Monica airport's Barker Hanger (inside and out) this weekend. The show continues after the jump.

Green Ambassadors. High school students who are big into biodiesel. A video about them will be up in the near future.

Public transportation was well represented at the show, and tell me, which of these future bus drivers (sitting in the orange Metro bus) is cuter?

Early Saturday, just outside the hanger, there was a loud crash. Someone driving one of Santa Monica's Big Blue Buses decided to try driving on the sidewalk, and misjudged how low the tree branch was. Crash!

I don't think anyone was hurt, but by the afternoon the tree had been amputated.

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