Alt Car Expo: More info on Solar Bug, the converted ATV EV

As Mike reported the other day, Free Drive EV is set to bring a tiny NEV to the market next year. I also got a chance to speak with Free Drive owner Steven Titus at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo and have the audio clip to prove it.

A few things Titus told me that didn't make it into Mike's post is that Free Drive is already holding discussions about expanding to India and China. Also, Titus said that the seven solar panels (at $150 each) cost less than a high-end stereo system in a new car. Making the concession to add the panels, even though they only provide between 1 and 10 percent of the power needed to move the Solar Bug was, to him, quite worth it. Will it be worth it for consumers? The Solar Bug will be available in July 2007. The whole year is shaping up to be a big one for EVs, so we'll soon be able to tell.

There are more pictures after the jump.

The image on the backdrop is what the production model should look like.

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