More trouble with Nanjing and the Chinese-owned MG

More problems to report for Nanjing in its bid to resurrect MG. According to Automotive News, Chinese automaker Nanjing Automobile has been told to slow down with plans to sell MGs in Europe. The administrator of the Dutch MG Rover unit has told the company to cease and desist because Nanjing does not own the necessary trademarks to sell MGs in Europe.
Apparently, the Dutch subsidiary of British MG Rover still has the rights to the MG trademarks in several European countries such as Germany and France. At least that's what MG Administrator Anthony Terng said today, but he did add that he was "in negotiations with Nanjing over selling the MG brand to them."

The negotiations have only recently begun and although other parties appear to be interested, Terng said they are dealing with Nanjing exclusively for now, presumably because Nanjing had already taken over control of defuct MG Rover last year. We only hope this eventually gets worked out and more wonderful MGs make their way back into European (and US) dealerships soon.

[Source: Automotive News, sub req]

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