Nanjing Automobile Corp. will celebrate its 60th birthday on March 27, 2007, and the star of the party will be a shiny new MG. Deputy chairman Lu Zhenxin announced Wednesday that Nanjing's first MG will roll off the line on the company's birthday.

The company's new factory in Nanjing is under construction, and when completed will be able to pump out 200,000 MG cars and 250,000 engines a year. Some vehicles will be sent on to the former MG Rover plant in the U.K. for final assembly, and the first MG TF roadster could drive out of the U.K. plant as early as April 8, 2007, two years to the day after the plant ceased production.

U.S. production at the company's planned Oklahoma facility is scheduled for 2008.

[Source: Reuters]

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